Sunday, 29 March 2009

A Trip To The Park

Well I have not been able to find any insects or bugs or an ant farm at my local pet shops this weekend. There was plenty of rabbits, parrots and even hamsters and we now have one white hamster, who goes by the name of Lisa. We bought her for my little boy Oscar whose hamster Andrew died a few weeks ago! He is a very happy boy now. We also this weekend had a trip to the local park which has a aquarium and avery and I was assured by my sister also housed some bugs! However they were all extremely shy and I only managed to get an image of the above guy and a picture of koi carp both of which could be potential embroideries of the future!

Friday, 27 March 2009

Moth Eaten

The above images show a hand embroidery of a moth it is chomping its way through the fabric to create buttonhole cut-work holes. This is a sample for a larger piece I am working on. Im also going to be doing a lot more bug drawing on my sewing machine as I love the creepy look of them. Tomorrow I am off to buy some real bugs as I want to get more up close and personal with them! Shudder, shudder I am looking to buy some stick insects and an ant farm!!!

Non-Woven Fabric Tutorial

I have just added a tutorial on how to create a non-woven fabric to use as a background to embroider on. You can see the tutorial here if you find this tutorial useful why not join the Hand Embroidery Network and send me a message. We are growing in members daily and the network is a great resource for everyone who loves embroidery whether novice or experienced I would love to see you there!

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Free Machine Bugs

After drawing my bugs I thought I would produce them in free machine embroidery, here are few that I did yesterday which are going to be part of a bigger piece. Im also going to do some in hand embroidery today.

Monday, 23 March 2009

Inspired to stitch bugs!

I have been enjoying embroidering birds lately and to carry on with my nature theme I thought I would show these pages from my sketch book that I did recently. I have suddenly got the urge to draw and stitch bugs and things. They have great shapes and such intricate markings and go about for the better part unnoticed until one happens in the house and I shout for my big brave husband to take it outside!

Saturday, 21 March 2009

New Bird Project

I have finally had time to sit down and finish my new bird project and I am glad I did as I am really pleased with it. I have decided to produce a series of hand embroideries with nature as the theme, for cushions, table linen and bags they will be available soon for sale on my website.

I am also setting up a shop on my website instead of trying to sell products on Etsy. I will also be doing some craft shows this summer so watch this space. I am also dedicated to making the Hand Embroidery Network a great free resource and will be adding content regularly. I really wanted to find other like minded people or a stitching partner to help me with the content but I have had no luck as yet.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Fragile Hand Embroidered Baby Shoes

These fragile hand embroidered baby shoes were made using silk fibres, threads and wallpaper paste.

Creative Backgrounds to Embroider

I am just in the process of creating video tutorials on creative backgrounds for embroidery, these will include creating a non-woven fabric using wallpaper paste, threads and fibres as well as using water-soluble fabrics and silk paper fibres to create 3D work. The image to the left shows an experimental floral design made from non-woven fabric and water-soluble fabrics.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Blog Spring Clean!

I thought my blog could do with a face lift so I am giving it a spring clean and adding some new features and a bit more design or should I say my husband Andrew is! He is such a wiz when it comes to graphic design and websites he is constantly updating my site which is cool as my site never looks tired or dated.

Things may keep looking a bit funny for awhile as things are changed about but keep checking back regular as I will keep posting. I have nearly finished my new bird project so I will add an image soon and I will also add my original sketch.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Help Wanted!!!

I am looking for help writing articles, how to's and projects for the Hand Embroidery Network. I want to promote hand embroidery world wide to young and old. So if you would like to join the network and take an active part in writing articles etc. for beginners and more advanced embroiderers I would love to hear from you. I want to make this a great free resource to inspire hand embroiderers of all skill levels and styles. If you would like to help please post a comment or email me

House Hunting Nightmares!!

I am in the process of moving house and it is a nightmare there is always something wrong with the houses when we go and view them. They look brilliant in the pictures and then when you get there it is so disappointing. I think I need to sit down and do some embroidery to relax. Another new member on the Hand Embroidery Network so we are now at 6 and I have added another new section called Free Projects I will be adding projects here for everyone to have a go at and try out a new technique or brush up on old skills, I have also added more content to the Stitch A-Z and the Focus On sections of the network. Just need to keep the members growing so that we can promote hand embroidery for all.

Monday, 9 March 2009

Spring Chickies

Just thought I would add this link to the etsy treasury that I have been kindly added to by SugarRushJewelry for my little chicks Easter baby shoes. I love this collection of handmade chickie inspired goodies so thought I would share the link. The link has now expired as the treasury are only online for 8 days.

New header and website revamp!

I have had a bit of an overall of my website and header graphic over the weekend. My husband Andrew thought my site needed to look more arty and less commercial! I have to agree. I also wanted to show my paintings as well, as they are the inspiration for my embroideries so they need to be on my website too. Does it work? I hope so, as I am keen to show my working processes so I will be showing more sketch to stitch images here on my blog and on the Hand Embroidery Network over the next week or so.

Friday, 6 March 2009

Cute Little Purses

Well I have not finished my bird embroidery but I did have time to make these two cute little purses in felt fabric. Like the baby shoes every now and then I like to make some fun little products which are quick and easy to embroidery. They are now available on my etsy shop.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

March Update!

Last month was a very busy month for me and March looks set to be even busier! I had a feature spread in the Rossendale Free Press showing me sat at my work bench surrounded by all my embroidery. I will scan the article in and post soon. I am still in the middle of stitching my Icicle project that I started and will post pictures soon. I have also a new bird hand embroidery on the go (see picture) Im hoping to finish this by the end of the week. I now also have three new members to join the hand embroidery network, but I need more to make this a success! 

Hand embroidery is such a passion of mine that I want to be able to promote it as a great hobby for young and old a like. So if you get the chance and embroidery is your passion, sign up and join in! Everybody is welcome even if you have never embroidered before and want to learn or you are a keen amateur or professional I want to make the network available to all! Embroidery in all its forms are welcome.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

The Embroidery Gateway

What is the embroidery gateway?

The embroidery gateway is a mini directory dedicated to promoting embroidery artists/designers, by providing a competitive place to advertise above the commercial embroidery digitizing companies. The gateway gives artists/designers, the opportunity to promote themselves and their websites at a competitive advertising price. The embroidery gateway is dedicated to promoting embroidery and ensuring that the site is always ranked high within google.

Are you a embroidery artist/designer looking for somewhere to advertise your work or your UK etsy shop then please email