Friday, 29 May 2009

Victorian Inspired Postcard 1

I finally finished the first in a series of Victorian inspired postcards. This is one of a set of five hand embroidered postcards that I am doing on my home town Bacup. Just like old tinted photographs I have tinted the flowers in the centre of the roundabout! The size is 6 x 4 inch.

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Birthday Bling!

It was my birthday today and I thought I would display my birthday bling! A lovely handcrafted silver and gold bracelet from my forgiven husband and children and a lovely watch from my sister and family. I also got a flowery top and smellies from my mum and dad! Overall a pretty good day which my hubby says is not over yet wink wink!!

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Victorian Inspired Postcard

I am working on a series of postcards of Bacup, where I live they are inspired by Victorian postcards. I love how photographs and postcards used to be hand tinted. I am printing them out in Sepia on cotton printer fabric and tinting parts of the photographs with hand embroidery.

Too Much Colour

I have been pondering why I had not finished 'Escape to the Country' all yesterday and I think that the reason for that is that there is too much colour. Everytime I viewed my blog the colour of the sections of the landscape did not sit well with me. So I have just decided to display one picture. Still though I think there is too much colour! I am working on a postcard at the moment and I am up late as I did not have time to do any embroidery yesterday. The postcard is one of a series of five that I am doing and they are all in muted colours which feels so much more relaxing and calming. I think that I am going to take stock and think about the direction I want my work to go in. For the next several days I am going to concentrate on my work without any distractions and just get back to what I love...

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Escape to the Country

I have been working on a metre wide free machine embroidery on and off for the last few months or so which is called Escape to the Country. The idea behind the piece is based on my families escape to the country a year and a half ago. The landscape is viewed through the window of the car and in the mirror is a view of the city we left behind. It is not completely finished at the moment as I have quite a few other projects on the go as well. The above images show different sections from the piece. I am thinking that I will start to also add hand embroidery to areas as well.

Monday, 18 May 2009

108 Members and Growing!

There are now 108 members on the Hand Embroidery Network! This is amazing! I never thought that so many people would come together to share their love of embroidery. I have been working over the weekend with my Husband Andrew to give the network a fresh new look and introduce a logo. I want the network to show off the amazing work that has been added to its best advantage and really create a contemporary feel. Thanks to everyone who has joined and especially to those who have contributed to the network. I will be adding lots more content and would like to add sections such as product reviews and interviews with embroidery artists. If you are an embroidery artist and would be interested in being interviewed for the network please get in touch with me. Also if you would like to contribute an article on any aspect of embroidery please email:

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Furry Friend

The last few days have been really busy! What with baking bread (at 3am in the morning because the first one flopped), my little lad Oscar being poorly, Pippa still with a runny nose and not sleeping through the night and trying to work on several projects at once it has been hectic!!! I now feel like I am running purely on adrenaline and will at some point collapse and sleep for two weeks or more! Then I just turned in my chair and saw the above and it made me smile. Oscar had put his dog on the chair to watch over me while he is at school!

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Frugal Living - The Good Life!!!

When I am not embroidering, myself and my husband Andrew like to grow, make and brew are own. We have decided to live the frugal life like the TV series 'The Good Life'. We have embarked on a new self-sufficient life style where every penny counts. We grow our own veg, brew our own beer, bake our own bread, etc. I knit for the children and go with the saying 'Make do and Mend'. Above are the fruits of our labour!

Friday, 8 May 2009

Artists Statements

I have just added this discussion to the forum on the Hand Embroidery Network

I have been writing an artists statement recently and I hate writing these and I am really rubbish at it! I hold my hands up and admit it! In writing the dreaded artist statement I wanted to express why I embroider. I have tried many different mediums to express myself oils, acrylics, watercolours, and mixed media, but I always come back to embroidery, to fabric and thread. I love the different marks that I can make with needle and thread and that I can be bold one minute and quiet and reserved the next and the stitch I make reflects this. What does embroidery mean to you? Why do you choose it above all other mediums?

So if you read my blog and you are an embroidery artist, why do you embroider? What is it that makes you choose to express yourself in embroidery?

For me there is something so much more personal in the work that I produce, because it is worked in embroidery. It is not so much that I have been taught the skill more that it has been passed down to me from grandmother to mother to daughter. In fact all my skills, dressmaking, knitting, embroidery have all come to me that way. This is why I choose needle and thread because the cycle continues. My grandmother died in 1999 and I miss her dearly but she is still here in everything that I make! One day I hope that I can pass on my skills to my daughter.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Eggs and Larvae!

Last night in the wee small hours after being on my feet for what seemed like a lifetime I finally managed to get my daughter Pippa to sleep! She has the snuffles and a runny nose so it has been waking her up for the past few nights. I feel like a walking zombie but at 3.00am this morning I could not go to sleep so set about producing the eggs and larvae of the common clothes moth in bullion stitch and French knots. I also worked another buttonhole cutwork with larvae! Mmmmmmm I wonder what tonight will bring or the early hours of tomorrow morning, probably day three of my walking zombie state!!!!!

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

One night in Bangkok...

errr Bacup, wishful thinking on my part! Well today has gone too quickly I have managed to do some work on domestic pests, but I have spent the best part of the day writing content for the Hand Embroidery Network which I am enjoying as it is turning into a hive of activity with a flurry of new members (welcome to them!). I also had my sister over as we are planning a camping trip at the end of the month! And so far in May it has done nothing but rain so it does not bode well! The last time we embarked on a camping trip to Anglesey in Wales it rained and we spent a very wet bank holiday looking like drowned rats. And then there was the incident of my getting my hair caught in the tent zipper in the middle of the night while nipping to the loo, the whole of the campsite could here me shouting to my husband 'for gods sake get it out!!!!!' Not good... ahhh well them were the days (soon to be relived) the above picture is part of my floss collection I just carn't resist those threads!

Monday, 4 May 2009

I don't like Monday's...

tell me why? It's raining!!! typical bank holiday Monday in the UK. So a lazy day working on a few projects and sorting out my collection of fabrics.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Domestic Pests

I am working on a few ideas at the moment which includes the piece above which will form part of a series of work on domestic pests. Following on from my cutwork moth I am continuing with clothes moths, larvae and eggs eating there way through fabric. I am fascinated how domestic pests go for the most part unseen in our lives but have their own little war on humans by causing holes in clothes, itching, scratching, coughing and sneezing!

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Hand Embroidery Exhibition

I am just in the process of setting up an online exhibition for the Hand Embroidery Network. The exhibition is for members only but it is free to join the network. This would be a great opportunity to display your work for free alongside other embroidery artists and help promote hand embroidery as an artform. There is no judge or jury and it does not matter if you are only a beginner as it is open to all levels. The work however must be your own original design not worked from a commercial kit or pattern. The guidelines are available online on the Hand Embroidery Network