Wednesday, 25 November 2009

New Blog!

I have now setup a new blog with my husband Andrew and our two children over at Wordpress. Now you can find out about all the other things myself and my husband and our children get up to! The new blog is called CraftyFrugals and is all about our adventures in living the 'good life' from crafts to design you will find it all there. Hope you will join us! You can also follow us on our CraftyFrugals twitter page too!

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Harris Museum & Art Gallery Commission

Sometime ago I was contacted by the Harris Museum & Art Gallery, Preston to produce the embroidered text for their up and coming exhibition Embellished: The Art of Fabulous Fabrics. I was asked to produce a design for the poster and the magazine adverts etc. The exhibition launches today with free art and textile workshops and the world’s largest embroidery will be on display! Some of the museum’s most beautiful textiles patterned by weaving, embroidery and printing will be on display and the exhibition will be onto November 2010. They are also displaying the embroidery that I did for the poster alongside an eighteenth-century gown in the finest Spitalfields silk as well as other exquisite examples of embroidery include pieces from Europe, India, China and Turkey, dating from the 1600s to the modern day. As you can imagine I am extremely chuffed!!!!

Wednesday, 11 November 2009


Pippa Lou enjoying a spot of sewing with her mummy!

New work is on it's way! It has been ages since I posted here but I have been so busy with the Hand Embroidery Network (HEN). This does not mean however that I am no longer an artist because that is something I will always be, no matter what anyone says. Who gives a f*** right? Times a moving on and life is far to short to worry about petty minded people! Ok, so what have I been upto? Well if your bothered I have been working on some ideas for online courses as well as some illustrations. I have been cooking and knitting and I plan to do a lot more of this, oh and I am going to be doing a lot more painting too!

I am going to be making some changes to the blog and my personal website to reflect *All* the things I create so there will be lots of changes, I need a fresh start to things and need to put into perspective what is important to me and that is my family and my art.