Monday, 31 January 2011

Back after a short break!

I am back in the world of the Internet after a short break! First of all Happy New Year to everyone who follows my blog, I wish you all health and happiness for 2011!

The end of last year was full of twists and turns which ended with us moving house the weekend before Christmas! Believe me it is not to be recommended and was extremely stressful. After we moved we found that we were to be without a telephone and broadband for an entire month and it has only recently been reconnected! Hence my break from blogging for awhile.

We moved house as we needed space badly and low and behold the ideal house in the ideal place became available in December so we jumped at the chance to move! So we now have a huge house with plenty of space for all my embroidery gear, hubby's computers and all the kids stuff. Home schooling was going great and I say was because as soon as we moved Oscar decided he would like to go to the local school and though I have had my reservations about this (and I have also thought that maybe I was just rubbish at home schooling) he is thriving and the school is fantastic! It just goes to show you never know what is around the corner!

Now we have almost unpacked and I have sorted through all my threads and fabrics embroidery has resumed again and so shall this blog. The blog will resume to be about embroidery and art and everything else in between and I hope you will stick with me!