Armenian Edging Stitch

Continuing on with my Stitch A-Z, I am working on the A stitches and today on my blog I have a tutorial for a lovely decorative stitch called Armenian Edging Stitch. I love edging stitches as they can change the appearance of a plain hankie, napkin or table cloth etc. I like to work my edging stitches in cotton perle threads as they are perfect for this type of stitch.

Ok to work Armenian Edging stitch you need to work from left to right and when you complete each knot pull your thread quite tight. But not too tight they all gather up!

Step 1

First bring your needle to the right side of the fabric at (1) on the edge of your hem. I like to knot my thread leaving a long tail I can thread through the back of the stitches at the end. Working to the right insert your needle from the underside at (2) as shown in the photo below. 

Step 2

Before pulling your needle through the fabric form the thread into a loop (3). Insert your needle through the loop as shown and pull through, pulling the thread tight to create the knot.

Continue working to the right repeating the above steps until you have worked stitches around your entire hem. When your hem is complete it will have a knotted scroll effect as shown in the last photo. I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial, more soon! Happy Stitching!


  1. I think this would be a great way to finish those small leftover pieces you find when trimming fabric from a finished embroidery. Then you could make a bookmark. Use a colored piece of cotton to enhance the edge, and embroider a small design to coordinate.

  2. Hi Chris, sounds like a cute project idea!

  3. I like this very much because I can't crochet, and this gives a similar edge. Thanks for the tut!

    1. is this a variation of Blanket?

    2. It's very similar to Antwerp Edging which is also called knotted blanket stitch.

  4. Hi Laurel, your welcome! I can't crochet either so this stitch is a definite alternative!

  5. Lovely blog, glad I found you!

  6. Lovely blog, and good tutorials - i will follow it :-)

  7. Thank you Dorte for following my blog!

  8. I love reading your blog.

  9. Thank you for sharing this! I wanted a pretty edging for a princess costume. This is just what I needed! It's pretty, quick and easy. Thank you! Maria Vieira


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