Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Knit and Natter

As I love my knitting so much I have started a Knit and Natter group on the Hand Embroidery Network. Everyone is welcome to join! I am hoping to combine knitting and embroidery to create some products for my new ArtyThreads e-commerce shop which is coming soon! I have just completed a chunky moss stitch scarf in 100% wool as well as a few other bits and pieces such as a stripy black & white tea cosy and some mug cosies which are currently available on Etsy!

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Benji - All Grown Up Now!

Just thought I would show these pictures of my Border Collie Benji now he is one year old! My husband bought him for my birthday in May last year as a studio companion. When we got to the breeders house there was about four pups there and they all made a fuss of the children, but my Benji made straight for me and just wanted cuddling! He’s still the same today! He has brought great joy to me and my family and is my constant companion while my husband is at work and the kids are at school. Benji is such a loving dog and when the kids are upset or I’m feeling a bit down he knows and makes a big fuss of us to make us feel better.

This is Benji as a pup 8 weeks old.

And here he is all grown up with my husband Andrew!
He loves walks, cuddles and socks and Benji likes... ha ha ha 

Here he is on a recent camping trip!