Monday, 29 September 2014

Back To The Drawing Board!

After taking a long break over the summer holidays I am back and having to rethink my online embroidery tuition! You may have noticed that my tuition website has been down for the last couple of months. Well I shall tell you about my nightmare! When I put the website up, after my husband did such a great job of designing it as well, it somehow got registered on some foreign database! Then all hell breaks loose, I got spammed big time! Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of emails and phone calls came through from companies trying to sell me anything and everything! My poor email box was overloaded! My phone became under siege by unwanted callers trying to tell me my new building needed energy, insurance, water etc. What new building I said, I'm going to be running online embroidery courses I exclaimed! But no they kept on coming trying to sell me everything but the kitchen sink on and on! Needless to say you genuine lovers of embroidery who signed up to receive info about when the courses would be available, got lost in amongst a few thousand idiots trying to sell me stuff.

I have to say I felt like giving up! I had the flu the kids holidays had started, my phone was ringing constantly and I honestly thought to hell with everything! I took my tuition website down and even had to delete my blog post as that was getting spammed too! It was a nightmare! How my website and details got on some obscure database I don't know but that is the power of the internet. I have never experienced this with my personal website so don't know what was different. Anyhow I have decided to keep all my tuition to this blog from now on! I will be offering up embroidery tutorials and projects which will be available to access here and also in pdf format for you to download and work on at your leisure. So stuff the spammers they're not going to get me down anymore! Tutorials will be resuming and so will my embroidered artwork as I am now in full swing finishing off a few projects so that I can start some new work!

The free taster project on sun printing and hand embroidery is still available to download via my website and I am still going to provide feedback and email support for any of my embroidery projects and tutorials.

Hand embroidered portrait illustration