Big and Beautiful Art Yarn

Well the weather is still rubbish and though I did get some dyeing done yesterday (see below) I really need to dry the yarns outside because I don't have much indoor drying space. Problem is the weather can't make it's mind up and I am in and out bringing in the dryer between rain spots! In the meantime I am getting on with some hand spinning so at least that's a bonus!

As I said in my last post I am currently working on creating a range of core spun art yarns to sell in the shop, along with some hand knitted and crochet art yarn scarves. The yarn below has been core spun on my Ashford Kiwi 2 with the Super Flyer. I love this flyer as it gives you a super sized orifice and bobbin so you can go wild and create some really cool yarns! I am addicted at the moment to core spinning as it is such a great technique for creating thick and thin yarns. Core spun yarns can be used as is or as I like to do plied with thread or a thin commercial yarn to create spirals, coils, beehives and all kinds of interesting effects. I'm hoping to have some yarns and scarves in the shop early next week.

I received my copy of YarnMaker magazine in the post and I have to say it was a really good read! I loved the article about the Longest Thread competition where entrants have to spin the longest continuous two ply thread they can, from just ten grams of raw sheep's wool or alpaca. Not sure I could manage it! Think I will have to order some back issues now!

Anyway back to the fray the troops are getting restless!

Hand Dyed Stranded Cotton Embroidery Threads - Dyed with Natural Plant Dyes.


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    1. Cheers! I have been dyeing some fleece this week but the rainy weather slows everything up!


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