Dyeing With Natural Plant Dyes

Due to the on and off rainy weather my dyeing has been hit and miss this week! It has taken ages for the hand dyed wool tops to dry. Today however it is sunny and I am actually not dyeing fibre!

Over the last few days I have been hand dyeing merino wool tops with natural plant dyes and acid dyes. I decided to have a go at braiding the wool tops first as I had seen on a YouTube video only I didn't bookmark the video so this is my version of what I hope was the right technique to 'paint' the fibre.

First I braided the merino wool tops.

Then I soaked one braid in citric acid for the acid dyes.

The braid that I was going to paint with natural plant dyes was soaked in water with a bit of washing up liquid and then mordanted in alum in the microwave.

I then painted the braid with plant dye extracts including Logwood Purple, Lac, Goldenrod and Madder.

Below after having to move the dryer in and out of the rain it eventually dried and below is the result. The bottom picture has been 'painted' in the same way but with acid dyes.


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