Monday, 26 October 2015

Old and New WIPs

I'm just finishing off a few WIPs before I start a few new projects. I had a couple of pairs of socks on the go from the summer that I wanted to finish, as you can't get enough handmade socks right? I've just completed one pair and have finished one sock and started on the cuff of another pair.

Stripy socks for me!

Mens cable sock no. 1
I have also just completed a custom order for a bespoke crochet mug cosy for an Etsy Customer and I have started a Minecraft Crochet Creeper Blanket for my son using my own design! I'm using a classic granny square to create the blocks in different shades of green and black Stylecraft Special DK. I was originally going to spin and hand dye the yarn myself but it needed to be machine washable for a 12 year old! I will create a proper chart and pattern soon to post on the blog, if like me you have a Minecraft fan in the house and want to make your own!

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Spinzilla 2015 Update!

Well I did it, I managed to spin 7,008 yards for Spinzilla 2015! I didn't manage to do a daily update as promised however but I did post images on Instagram so you may have seen some of the yarn I spun. Here's a pic of all the yarn below.

Spinzilla Yardage 2015 - 7,008 yards
I am just washing the cream yarn which is 100% Corriedale which is for a jumper for my husband. I am also busy plying up some of the singles as well. The grey yarn in the pic is Herdwick which I'm intending to use in some homeware ideas. Boy was that a hairy yarn to spin with! I managed to spin about half the rolags I prepared and some of the natural wool tops so I have a mountain of fibre left to spin! I certainly learnt a lot and feel my spinning has only got better. It was a great experience despite my back going into spasm day two in which I spent one day lying down using my drop spindle! I will definitely be participating next year. You can see how much yarn was spun by everyone on the Spinzilla Website it was an amazing amount of yarn! 5,246,497 yards in total!